How to Hack Your Gmail Address and Add Addresses

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In this post, we will illustrate how to tweak your Gmail address in order to generate dozens of variations that appear to be unique to senders without having to create additional Gmail accounts in order to do so.

  • Almost everywhere can be marked with a dot.
  • The “Add a Dot” Rule is an exception in this case.
  • Incorporate a plus sign (+)
  • Reasons for including a plus sign.
  • Learn how to configure email filters for addresses that have been compromised.

Almost everywhere can be marked with a dot

Due to the fact that Gmail ignores periods in addresses, any dot you provide anywhere in your email will be treated as if the dot did not exist. If you register for more than one account on the same website, your dotted email address will be recognized as separate from your non-dotted email address. This allows you to register for several accounts on the same website without having to create additional email accounts.

Here are a couple such examples. Take note that each address is identical, which means that you could send mail to any or all of them and it would all arrive in the same Inbox at the same time.

You are unable to insert a period after the @ symbol, yet everything before it is editable. You can even insert numerous periods, as shown in the following example:

Once again, Google reveals that all three of the email addresses shown above are exactly the same. Those addresses, on the other hand, may be used to create three separate Twitter accounts because Twitter assumes that each address belongs to a different person.

The “Add a Dot” Rule is an exception in this case

Additionally, you might place several periods right next to each other. Although this method works for login into Gmail, it does not work for sending messages to other people if two dots are adjacent to each other on the screen.

The following email address is provided: theseare.the….s… [email protected]

This is the same address as t.hese.a.r.. [email protected]

Incorporate a plus sign (+)

When employing a syntax trick, you can generate many Gmail addresses by simply adding a plus sign (before the @) at the end of your username. This allows you to customize your address by including additional words that result in a drastically different appearance.

Some other uses of the email address [email protected] can be found in the following places:

Reasons for including a plus sign

In order to avoid this, why would you want to put a plus sign in your Gmail handle? Besides being able to deceive certain websites into allowing you to create multiple accounts, you may more quickly determine whether a website is selling your email address to advertisers by using this technique.

Consider the following scenario: If you sign up for a website with the email address [email protected] and immediately begin receiving emails from companies that you have never contacted before, you can be certain that the website you signed up for shared your email address with third parties.

Additionally, you can create Gmail filters using the addresses that begin with a plus sign. You might arrange Gmail to automatically filter emails delivered to the joeman+ilovehunting address into a folder containing only messages from the hunting newsletter, for example, if you sign up for a hunting newsletter using the joeman+ilovehunting address stated above.

Learn how to configure email filters for addresses that have been compromised

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to configure email filters using your hacked Gmail address:

  1. Click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of Gmail and then select See All Settings from the drop-down menu that appears.
  2. Select Filters and Blocked Addresses from the Tabs drop-down menu. 3.
  3. Click on Create a new filter at the bottom of the page to proceed.
  4. In the To text box, enter the Gmail address that you created. For example, if you want to filter all emails that are sent to [email protected], you can write [email protected] into the search box.
  5. Select the Create filter option from the drop-down menu.
  6. Choose a label to place next to Applying the label will cause all messages sent to this address to be automatically moved to a certain folder. Additionally, there is an option to create a new label from that drop-down menu.
  7. To complete the filter, select Create filter from the drop-down menu.

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