What You Should Know About Email Addresses

What You Should Know About Email Addresses

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An email address is a unique identifier for an electronic mailbox on a computer network.

What is the Proper Email Address Format?

Email addresses can only contain certain characters (mostly letters and numbers, with a few punctuation marks like period or underscore). First Name (as with Jane), First Name. First Initial, Last Name (for example, Jane.Doe) (for example, jdoe).

Names are sometimes capitalized and they are sometimes not. While email addresses are often in capital letters, it isn’t necessary in most cases. For example, if Jane’s email address is [email protected], the message could be sent to [email protected] and still reach Jane.

How Can I Get an Email Address?

  • Obtain an e-mail address from your isp, company or school.
  • Create a personal domain (like janedoe.com) and custom email addresses (like [email protected]) to get a permanent email address.
  • Many people have separate email accounts for personal and business use. This way, each area of life’s communication is distinct. If you have multiple email accounts, check them all to avoid missing messages. So you only have to look in one place with desktop clients like Outlook.

What Is a Disposable Email Address?

While email addresses are convenient for staying in touch with friends and family, they can also be used by unwanted contacts such as pushy salespeople, spammers, and scammers. Giving out your email address puts you at risk of spam. Because companies that collect your email address for business purposes often sell it to other entities with less honorable intentions.

Use a disposable email address to sign up for online shops, services, and newsletters. Every message goes to your main address. Disable it if you get spam at it without affecting your real email address.

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