How to Get to Google Position 0 With SEO?

How to Get to Google Position 0 With SEO?

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Your SEO efforts will never be enough for Google’s ranking algorithm. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, Google comes out with something new. For a long time, most websites’ SEO goals have been to rank on Google’s first page. Google’s algorithm has been tweaked to deliver the greatest user experience possible. Position zero is its name. It took time for marketers to understand how to rank for this desired position, but they did.

No need to worry if you are fresh to the realm of position zero! This post will help you understand what position zero means, the many varieties, why it is so important, and finally, how to reach it with SEO.

What is Position Zero?

The word refers to Google’s results displayed above the standard search results. It’s also known as the “featured snippet.” It is frequently the first search result, hence the name. It addresses how/who/what/why questions. It normally contains the URL, title tag, and a summary of the page’s content. Google launched the highlighted snippet to present consumers with results as rapidly as possible.

Types of featured snippets

  • Paragraph – The most popular featured fragment. It contains 40-60 words that answer a search query.
  • Table – This type contains a table of data or information.
  • List – A bulleted or numbered list describing how to perform something.
  • Video – For queries requiring a visual explanation. A video will be displayed on position 0 if it is unavailable.

Importance of ranking position 0

If you’re not sure why ranking position 0 is important for your site, keep reading to learn more.

  1. It increases your click-through rates – According to a 2016 HubSpot study, ranking a page in position 0 increased the click-through rate by 114%.
  2. Increases organic traffic – According to a study conducted by SEOpressor, achieving position zero for a specific keyword phrase results in a 200 percent increase in traffic for that article.
  3. Additionally, position 0 is critical for voice search.

With that said, all websites should strive to achieve position zero. How do you accomplish this through your SEO efforts?

How to rank for position 0 with SEO

Well-crafted SEO efforts can boost your page’s search results. But now there is a new number one, zero. Can your SEO efforts still land you there? You’ll soon find out. Here are 5 techniques to get your content on page zero:

  1. Identify the opportunity for your site

There are some search phrases and markets that don’t return featured snippets Instead of wasting money trying to get featured on position 0, small businesses should focus on improving their local SEO. To achieve position zero in a market that regularly utilizes terminology that require explanation or deals with data is an excellent opportunity. If you can’t discover a means to receive featured snippets for your site, here are several ways to find them:

  • Find your competitors’ snippets using SEMrush – You need to know what snippets your competitors are utilizing to rank. So, optimize your content for similar phrases and themes. You can create new material or change old content.
  • More prominent snippets on Google – Expand the topic your competitors or you already rank for by using Google to find more snippet opportunities. Begin by thinking like your audience. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. What would you search for if you were fresh to a topic? Check out the featured excerpt provided by this question. See “others ask” for more suggestions. Adapt your content to the same standards.
  • and are fantastic sources of frequently asked questions. Knowing what people want and giving them what they want will help your domain rank 0.
  • Then ask them how they found your site. Their search query can help you optimize your content for position 0.
  1. Keywords research matters

Keywords are important for SEO and highlighted snippets. Find the keywords that will get your site to position zero. Generally, you should create a list of all possible keywords for your site. Use a tool like Moz Keywords Explorer to assess the keyword phrases’ difficulty and competitiveness.

  1. Develop relevant content

High-quality content is a Google algorithm trick. Using unique, relevant content is required to get position zero. Use your keywords, especially those in featured snippets, to generate content ideas. Create 2000-word texts using the following tips:

  • Write about themes that will be green for a long time. Position 0 is not permanent when your material is not evergreen or current. To prevent being fired, keep the content as current as feasible.
  • Examine the subject from all sides without assuming prior understanding. Answer questions directly within your chosen keywords. Your article should not only answer the title question but also a sequence of related questions. Your answers should be organized. Subdivide the concepts into subheadings for better structure.
  • Incorporate the keywords naturally into the text. Avoid keyword stuffing at all costs if you want to rank 0. Related terms are allowed within the content to show Google you comprehend what you wrote.
  • Encourage snippet bait. It is a summary of your material at the top of the page. It makes it easy for Google to find it. Your post should additionally include 40-60 word clarifications. Include lists with bullets or numbers, and tables to present data. It’s a terrific method to win 0.
  • They adore visuals. Include attention-grabbing photos in your content to guarantee Google picks the best for featured snippets. Images should be updated and re-uploaded to fit the content. Make it interesting using video.
  • Include how-tos. You can dedicate an entire page to answering typical questions about products, services, or the industry. Use good grammar in both the heading and the content. Content structure is also important. The “inverted pyramid” structure is the best. It requires you to start with content that answers questions. Then comes more comprehensive information, and finally more general information.
  1. Rank high on search results

According to Ahref, 99.58 percent of page 0 results are already on the first page. To be ranked 0 you must work on your total ranking. Use the same tactics you use to rank your content for search engines to rank 0.

For example, link to related content. Invite others to link to your work. Invite influencers and other experts to share your material on social media. Optimize your site for mobile and ensure smooth performance. These techniques improve your SEO and increase your chances of ranking on the first page of SERPs.

  1. Consult an expert

Expert advice is always welcome. Hire an SEO specialist to ensure success. Optimising a site for position 0 involves numerous moving pieces. A specialist in this industry will assist you easily reach position 0. While there are no promises, your site will at least be on the first page if not featured excerpts. It’s an investment, but it’s worth every penny. You don’t want to be sorry.


Keeping up with Google’s algorithm is no easy task. But Google isn’t to blame. It is merely trying to provide a flawless user experience, as you should for your customers. Websites are working around the clock to get the new number one rating. After all, it works wonders for improving website traffic, conversion rates, and differentiation.

Then follow the aforesaid instructions. But remember, it’s a never-ending task. You don’t want to lose your position. You must constantly refresh your material to stay ahead of the competition.

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