The top seven most critical SEO tips for 2022

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It can be challenging to condense the best SEO tricks and tactics. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 7 SEO tips for 2022. Continue reading this article to the end to obtain some valuable SEO tips for your website that will assist you in ranking higher.

This article includes:-

  • Mobile optimization
  • Optimization of Image
  • Link building
  • Keywords that matter
  • Meta description
  • Voice search optimization
  • Social media coverage

Mobile optimization

Most bloggers use PCs and only optimize their sites for desktop. Currently, most users carry their phones with them everywhere. So a desktop optimized site won’t fit on a phone. You must optimise your site for mobile phones.

Your images must be mobile-friendly in both resolution and size. The navigation buttons should be visible and links should work. Your website’s interface should be compatible with Android and iOS. When optimising, you can choose between mobile and desktop previews. So, make your site mobile and desktop friendly separately.

Optimization of Image

Image optimization is essential in 2022.¬† Uploading the right image isn’t enough. Give your image a name and a keyword. You can do this by renaming the image in the file. It is important because Google now crawls images separately and shows them in search results.

Your image should not exceed 100kb in size as this will slow down loading. Compress your image to make it smaller. Don’t copy images from Google; they’re copyrighted. Create your own images or use licensed images from Google or Unsplash.

Link building

We’ve seen many websites with lots of links, but many of them don’t work. All backlinks and other content links must work smoothly. Your website’s links should also be of high quality and load quickly.

Not all backlinks are created equal. Do internal linking. It means that you should link to your previous articles in every new article you publish. External links are also important. Provide at least one relevant external link. It will boost your search engine visibility.

Keywords that matter

You all stuff your content with keywords. What about their relevance?

As the number of internet users grows, so must the quality of your content. Not working short tail and 1 word keywords. Users have grown in importance, and they prefer long tail keywords. So 70% of your keywords must be long tail.

Use 5 main keywords per 1000 words. Your keywords should be placed in the middle of the article. Use long tail keywords as body text, not just as headings. To find the most relevant keywords, use Google Keyword Planner or Google Trends.

 Meta description

Many creators miss this part. Google also considers meta description when displaying search results. It describes your pages and articles. Meta description helps search engines classify your content. Create meta descriptions for each page of your website to help with SEO. Remember to use keywords in the meta description.

Voice search optimization

As you may be aware, a 5-year-old uses Google to search for toys or any other question. The child can’t properly type the keyword. So, optimize your site for voice search. Your content’s keywords should be easily accessible. Voice search is now Google’s new algorithm, making it easier for users to find answers.

Social media coverage

Who doesn’t use social media? It is believe less than 5% of the world’s population. So, 95% of your visitors will have multiple social media accounts on various platforms. He/she may want to share your content on social media, gradually increasing your website traffic.

Create content that can be shared on social media. Include share buttons on all pages. It is also a great SEO hack for the year 2022.

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