Fact You’ll Need to Know About Buyer Intent

Fact You’ll Need to Know About Buyer Intent

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Buyer intent data is a powerful analytical tool for B2B marketers. B2B buyer intent data reveals actionable analytics used to find potential buyers interested in a company’s products/services. With hyper-targeted sales and marketing strategies, a company can significantly increase sales revenue.

Use of buyer intent data

Buyer intent data is widely used across industries. According to Gartner, by 2022, 70% of B2B marketers will use intent data for prospecting.

Newsletters and promotional messages are currently experiencing high churn rates. Because their lead data is inaccurate or their messaging isn’t resonating.

With an Intent Data-driven demand generation solutions, brands can create campaigns with a much higher ROI. You can see a 3000% increase in marketing ROI.

Intent Data Software solutions enable lead scoring and allow marketers to prioritize hot leads that ensure maximum lead conversion.

Why should you use buyer intent data?

With intent data demand generation, companies can speed up sales prospecting and lead flow to the bottom of the funnel. But there are specific ways to use buyer intent:

  • Determine the target audience
  • Personalized sales strategies
  • Customer retention

1. Determine the target audience

Firms can visualize their target audience when they know who their target customers are. Identifying key product consumers can help a company shape its brand identity to appeal to their aesthetics and demographics. A brand targeting a younger demographic can tailor its sales pitches to their needs and aesthetics.

2. Personalized sales strategies

Personalized messaging improves lead conversion rates in B2B. A customer who is addressed by name and needs is more likely to respond than a generic mass email.

3. Customer retention

Buyer intent data isn’t just about generating leads. Intent data demand generation solutions can also help retain customers. Intent data reveals buyer roadblocks, allowing businesses to remove them and encourage repeat purchases.

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