How to Make Email Accessible

How to Make Email Accessible

How accessible is email? Simply put, it’s the art of writing emails that anyone can use and understand, including people with disabilities. Email accessibility means making sure your company updates, promotional information, and all communications reach all of your customers or potential customers.

  • Why should you prioritize email accessibility?
  • Benefits of email accessibility
  • Tips on how to improve email accessibility
  • Why should you prioritize email accessibility?
  1. It improves brand recognition

Inclusive email campaigns not only benefit your business but also your subscribers. This encourages them to spread the word about your company among their friends and family, thereby increasing your visibility. Focus on delivering a consistent experience across all channels and the rewards will follow.

  1. It Improves User Experience

Your emails should be accessible to users of all abilities, not just those who can read them. This goal can only be achieved by designing campaigns with inclusivity in mind. A better user experience leads to more engagement and interactions. Accessibility design practices remove all potential barriers that may deter your subscribers. This leads to more conversions and revenue. A good user experience also helps to build customer loyalty and confidence.

  1. Boosting of Brand Recall

Customers no longer see brands as purely commercial entities. Brands are seen as sentient pillars of society, and they, like us, are expected to take a stand on social issues. If your company’s messaging doesn’t align with your customers’ beliefs and values, you risk losing their business. Here’s where email accessibility comes in.

Making accessible emails shows your audience you care about them, but also about inclusivity. This can help your brand recall. We all want to be remembered for something positive. You may be remembered as THAT brand that provided both utility and value. How many package deals you offer won’t matter if you can’t persuade your customers that you share their values.

Benefits of email accessibility

Some of the benefits of email accessibility are:

  1. Increasing of engagement and retention

Subscribers cannot engage with emails unless they can read the content and respond to the CTAs. They are also unlikely to reply to future emails.

  1. It expands your audience

Accessible emails allow you to reach everyone on your list, including those with disabilities. Inaccessible emails automatically exclude a segment of your audience.

  1. It improves usability for everyone

Changing color contrast or font size will benefit everyone on your list because human-centered design is at the heart of accessibility. Their experience will be richer, increasing your ROI.

  1. It boosts your brand

Thinking of subscribers as people rather than just database contacts shows that you care about them.

  1. You stand out from the crowd

Which of two emails advertising a clothing sale will someone click on? Even if they prefer your product to your competitor’s, they’ll go with the competitor’s if the experience is simpler and more informative.

Tips on how to improve email accessibility

Let’s take a look at some tips you can always utilize to improve your email accessibility

  1. Use bigger fonts

No hard and fast rule, but aim for font sizes 14 pixels and up. Many people benefit, including those with dyslexia or low vision.

  1. Balancing of text with images

Using images to break up long chunks of content keeps readers engaged and makes it easier to consume for some. Some email recipients, for example, may understand visual depictions better than long sentences, or may benefit from visual reinforcement of what they read.

  1. Keep it simple

Aim for clear, concise writing. Complicated syntax and words reduce readability, potentially distracting readers from your message.

  1. Carefully make use of color

If not used carefully, color can be a barrier to accessibility. To be seen by most people, colors should have a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1.

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