Understanding Hostinger Emails

Understanding Hostinger Emails

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Do you know that you can send emails in several ways? Let’s take a look at some of the ways below:

  • Contact forms and plugins
  • E-mail clients (Gmail, Outlook, etc.)
  • Using Webmail
  • Using PHP scripts

Email uses a variety of technologies and methods to deliver your message. They are also given various resources.

Hostinger emails are sent via webmail or email clients. You are using Hostinger emails if your custom scripts, plugins, or contact forms use SMTP to connect to Hostinger email servers.

  • Advantages of Hostinger’s Emails
  • How to Use Hostinger Email?
  • Where Can I Find My Hostinger Email?
  • Conclusion

Advantages of Hostinger’s Emails

  • Hostinger is quick
  • 99.9% uptime promise
  • Amazing benefits for speed
  • Caching for faster loading
  • Good custom dashboard
  • Free domain
  • Support
  • Great start-up price
  • They own Zyro

How to Use Hostinger Email?

Do you need mobile access to your mailbox? Set up your Hostinger email to keep track of your day’s activities.

You can do this using an email client like Thunderbird or Outlook, or by using your mobile device.

Where Can I Find My Hostinger Email?

Setting up your Hostinger email account to send and receive messages via Gmail is simple.

  1. Open Gmail and click the Settings button in the top right. Now click See all options.
  2. Select Accounts and Import.
  3. Find Add another email address next to “Send mail as”.
  4. Paste your email address into the new box and click Next Step.
  5. Enter your SMTP server information, username, and password. Then click Add Account.
  6. Open the confirmation email by connecting into Hostinger Webmail. To finish the process, click the link. You can also copy the verification code and paste it in the pop-up box.
  7. Create a new email message and check the “From” area to see if your newly added account has been successfully inserted.


Using an email client to set up your Hostinger account is simple on any device. When configuring your IMAP or POP3 mailbox, save a copy of your Hostinger email data.

Use the Hostinger Webmail link in any web browser to quickly view your emails. This approach can only manage one custom email account.

If you use Thunderbird or Outlook, you may create and manage several personalized email accounts from one spot.

If you don’t want to install anything, you can use the built-in mail programs for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

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