Introducing Email Lookbook for Spring/Summer 2021

Introducing Email Lookbook for Spring/Summer 2021

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How can you ensure your emails are opened (and read)? Continue reading to learn about lookbook’s email tactics and must-have email types:


Technology has made email marketing more dynamic and engaging than ever. Animation, videos, and other media can now make content stand out. The inbox of today is crowded. One effective method is multi-media marketing. Include how-to videos or animated gifs with your latest deals and products. Make sure your multimedia emails are mobile-friendly, as many of your subscribers will be reading them on their phones.


Consumers today have high expectations. Marketers should know who they are, where they live, and what they buy. To open and read (and possibly click on) your emails, you must be relevant to the subscriber. Personalization is becoming easier as marketing automation platforms enable better, more relevant email experiences based on subscriber data. Marketers today should use demographic and behavioral data to create personalized email content for each subscriber. Use location, past purchases, or website pages to personalize your emails.

Human Copy

Your email copy is often the key to a click-through. You must create content that is both on-brand and conveys your message while also appearing to be written by a human, not a robot. Your audience will be more engaged with your email marketing if they can relate to your company. Genuinely converse with your clients. Humor helps! Rather than the usual dry email correspondence, show your company’s personality.

On-Time Info

Creating content around current events, news, and holidays is crucial. If your subscribers are thinking about it, you should use that to create content that resonates. It could be a holiday, Super Bowl, new season, or recent event. Customers who are considering it are more likely to click (and buy!). Using current events to theme your emails increases excitement and urgency among your subscribers.

Stunning Design

Subscribers often respond to emails based on their design. Don’t be afraid of bold design. Examine the imagery and font. Streamline your emails and make your calls to action clear. With Gmail’s recent “grid view” beta program, visuals play an even bigger role in click-throughs and opens.

Welcome Email Optimization

Any email marketing strategy needs a welcome email. The welcome email is one of the most opened in a series. When someone signs up for your content, you want them to remember it. Your emails will be ignored if they are unmemorable, or worse, marketed as spam. Some tips for writing a welcome email? Make it conversational, use humor, design it well, and personalize it. Include a discount count or a free download.

Re-Engagement Email Techniques

No matter how hard you try, your subscribers may “emotionally unsubscribe” from your emails. They’re on your list, but they don’t open, click or buy. So the smart marketer sends an email to their subscribers to remind them of their brand and encourage them to re-engage with their emails. While not always required, including a special offer or coupon code can help pique their interest. Humor can also help.


How many times have you visited a website, added something to your cart, and then left without purchasing? While no single metric exists, many companies report abandonment rates well above 50%. As a marketer, an abandoned cart email is a great way to remind unpurchased subscribers that they have an item in their carts. We recommend sending the first abandoned cart email within a few hours of the car being abandoned, and a reminder 24 hours later. 5-7 days later, send a final reminder email. The last email can also be motivating.

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