4 Unexpected Benefits of Email Marketing Automation

4 Unexpected Benefits of Email Marketing Automation

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While a successful email campaign has many components, email marketing automation is arguably one of the most critical. Using email automation to deepen customer relationships and drive sales helps your brand stay relevant. But what is email marketing automation and how does it work?

What Is E-Mail Marketing Automation?

The buzz around email marketing automation may be confusing to those new to it. Simply put, email automation allows you to send emails to your subscribers at specific times or after they take specific actions. These messages are controlled by automation software, allowing you to use email automation for a variety of marketing purposes. Subscribers can be notified of seasonal sales or birthday wishes. If you don’t know how to create email campaigns, you can always hire a professional to create beautiful, brand-specific email templates.

Email automation is great because it helps you build relationships with your subscribers with little effort. With just a few presets, you can delight customers with relevant content at the right time. This automation frees you and your team to focus on new product or service development and improving other business processes.

Until recently, only large corporations could afford and use email marketing automation. Small and medium-sized businesses can now join in. But automation does more than that. Here are four basic ways email marketing automation can help you scale. Automation frees you and your team to focus on new product or service development and process improvement.

Reduce Cart Abandonment with Email Marketing Automation

Abandoned online shopping carts account for 79.17 percent of all online shopping carts. Using email marketing automation, you can easily increase the number of subscribers who buy. Automation software can track your customers’ online activities, including which products they view, which they add to their shopping cart, and which purchases they make.

When someone abandons their shopping cart, email automation saves the day. Set up an abandoned cart email campaign to remind subscribers what they’re missing. Your software can then automatically send your message to qualified customers.

A single abandoned cart email increases conversions by 10%. Your conversion rate jumps to 69% after three abandoned cart emails. And without pressing a button! Email marketing automation streamlines the entire process, so no customer is left behind.

Nurture Existing Leads

As your email list grows, it’s critical to keep subscribers engaged with your brand. You need a loyal customer base to succeed. Remember that gaining a new customer costs more than keeping an existing one. From the moment they open your first welcome email, you have a relationship with them. Email marketing automation makes it simple to collect data about customer behavior and interests, allowing you to create content that are tailored to each individual.

Automated lead nurturing ensures your subscribers receive messages that are relevant to them and arrive at the right time. While many brands prefer to focus on gaining subscribers, advanced lead nurturing techniques generate 50% more sales leads.

Make Use of Automated Emails to Generate New Leads

Isn’t it time you started using email marketing automation to grow your customer base? An email list is endless once a potential customer opts in. Consider giving them a discount on their first order or a free ebook if they join your mailing list. According to research, 92% of first-time visitors to your website will not buy. Subscribers to your email list can help you entice and retain potential customers.

From there, you can automate a welcome email to new subscribers, perhaps with a special offer to encourage them to convert. This simple strategy is highly effective. So easy to set up! First, make sure your website has a place for people to enter their email so you can add them to your list. Creating a welcome email for your automation software to send to each new subscriber takes only a few minutes. Once you have that set up, email marketing automation takes over.

Maintain Engagement with Segmentation

Think twice before sending the same mass email campaign to everyone on your list. Generic messaging tends to annoy and alienate customers, leading to emails being deleted.

Contrast this with generic emails which have a six times higher transaction rate. So segmenting your email list will help you get the best results. Email segmentation simply means grouping your subscribers according to your criteria. If your business is e-commerce, this could include their location, interests, or website activity like shopping cart abandonment.

Email marketing automation simplifies email segmentation. Advanced email automation software can automatically segment your email list based on your preferences, allowing you to send highly personalized emails to each group. Segmentation and automation work together to increase conversion rates and maintain subscriber relationships.

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