Is Email Marketing a thing of the past?

Is Email Marketing a thing of the past?

For more than two decades, email marketing has been a staple of every marketer’s job. For any type of organization, this has evolved over time into an essential component of digital marketing strategy. Nevertheless, at an era where we have access to an abundance of marketing resources, is it still relevant?

Email marketing, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, is a sort of digital marketing that allows you to promote your brand through the use of email. You have the ability to send emails to users who have subscribed to your email list. Those emails can include information about your company, promotions of your products and services, and other things.

Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies available for any type of organization for a very long time. It enables you to establish ties with your audience and grow your network. As a result, there is a diverse range of software platforms available on the market that specializes on the distribution of emails to clients.

In this day and age of digital marketing, relevance is essential.

Despite the evolution of other digital marketing tactics, the truth is that email marketing is still very much alive and well. In fact, it is stronger than ever and is likely to continue to develop in the future. Without a doubt, it continues to be one of the most effective methods of connecting with others. Here, we’ll go over the most important reasons behind this.

Keeping personal relationships afloat is difficult

Emails have the potential to assist you in developing personal ties with your target audience. People check their emails on a daily basis these days, so sending them a note demonstrates that you are thinking about them. It is the most effective technique to contact your customers while also keeping them up to date on what’s new. Examples of personalized email messages are “Here is a special offer just for you” and “Did you see my newest post?” Creating various lists for different segments of your audience is also a wonderful approach to send each user a personalized email message.

Those who have subscribed to your email list have already expressed an interest in what you have to say and have indicated that they would want to receive emails from you. Of course, social media is an enormously crucial component of any company’s overall marketing strategy and plan. Email marketing, on the other hand, continues to be the most effective method of converting and creating relationships with the target demographic.

The average person’s inbox holds approximately 200 emails. In order to break through the clutter and produce higher engagement with marketing emails, you should do the following:

  • Send out welcome emails (82 percent of them are opened);
  • Use graphics, personalization, and emoticons to make your emails stand out from the competition.

Cost-effective and reasonably priced

If you’ve used one of the email marketing platforms, you know that it’s a simple and cost-effective solution. This enables you to communicate with a large number of users with a single message. Email marketing is the most effective method of acquiring and retaining customers with a restricted marketing budget.


When you send out an email, the top email marketing platforms allow you to track the results of your efforts. You can keep track of who read your email, which links were most frequently clicked. You can also track how many people subscribed or unsubscribed, and other important information about your campaign. These analytics will assist you in gaining an understanding of how your campaigns are performing. With these you can make informed decisions about future mailings.

Furthermore, email testing is supported by the majority of email marketing tools. A/B testing can assist you in sending different variations of your campaign to different audience groups and determining which variation yields the most favorable results.

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