5 Email Marketing Examples to Save for Later

This article discusses 5 successful email marketing campaigns samples. Have a look at these email marketing samples!


Offering free trials is a very common approach of acquiring new leads for businesses that offer subscription-based services.

Although “free” is one of the most effective email marketing phrases, it’s difficult to convince customers to try anything that will cost money after a certain amount of time.

VSCO overcomes this obstacle by making their trial a limited-time offer and informing subscribers of the remaining time to take advantage of it.

This instills an element of urgency in the offer, which is frequently all that is required to drive a convert. Nobody wants to feel as though they’re losing out on anything, much more so when it’s something for free.

Even if your business does not offer free trials, nearly every business offers limited-time specials in some way.

If you’re running a yearly sale, a holiday special, or a limited-time discount code, inform your subscribers of the expiration date.

A shorter time period is more successful than a longer one because it discourages your audience from deferring a purchase.

2. Sephora

If a buyer is unsure of the benefits of one of their items, they will not purchase. After all, no one wants to waste money on items they will never use.

Sephora recognizes this concern and solves it by delivering free video instructions for their latest items.

If a subscriber is interested in a product but unsure how they would utilize it, Sephora’s films provide answers. Sephora allows email readers to comfortably purchase.

Even if they are uninterested prior to receiving the email, the video thumbnails can capture their attention and pique their curiosity.

This is a method that practically every organization can use. If a potential consumer is unsure of how they will use a product or service, they are reluctant to purchase. Eliminating that doubt with a product presentation can go a long way toward converting them.

If you’re a retailer of apparel, you might offer style guidelines with each new line announcement to help potential customers visualize how they’d wear an item.

Regardless of your business strategy, you can experiment with a variety of alternative email content forms. While sticking to text and photographs is the simplest choice, adding or linking to videos can be considerably more effective.

3. Glossier

If you’re an established business but haven’t launched any new products, announced any sales, or added any new services, you may find yourself at a loss for what to say in your email advertisements.

However, if you already have a dedicated client base, a simple email featuring one of your best-selling goods, such as this one from Glossier, may enough.

The product highlighted in this effective email marketing example was a corporate best selling with overwhelmingly good ratings.

As a result, this email reintroduced the product to customers who had previously contemplated purchasing it.

Additionally, it’s worth noticing that the copy is not forceful or sales-oriented. Rather than that, it is consistent with the company’s current branding.

4. Eventbrite

Occasionally, your subscribers will simply ignore your emails. It’s infuriating, especially given the detrimental effect it has on open rates, clickthrough rates, and revenues.

However, rather than abandoning inactive subscribers, you can note their absence and take efforts to re-engage them, as Eventbrite did in this email.

They begin the email with a pleasant recognition that the subscriber hasn’t engaged with their emails in a while (“we kinda miss you!”), and then deliver content that may change that fact.

Eventbrite provides a few options in this instance.

The subscriber might visit their blog and read some corporate news, which could be advantageous if they are unfamiliar with the company or its products.

Alternatively, they might visit the company’s website and read a case study that includes recommendations for planning a successful event. This is the more attractive choice since it can demonstrate how Eventbrite has aided other people in their success and how it can do the same for them.

Finally, this effective email marketing campaign illustrates how to create an event or contact the company.

5. Nisolo

If a subscriber remains inactive despite your best efforts to pique their interest — or if you want to enhance their experience with your brand — allowing them to adjust their email preferences is beneficial.

Nisolo accomplishes this by allowing subscribers to vote on the product lines they prefer.

If a subscriber isn’t opening your emails, reading your content, or clicking your links, it’s possible that you’re not sending what they want.

While it is possible to estimate what someone may be interested in, directly asking them eliminates the guesswork.

This is a win-win situation. Because it enables your subscribers to receive emails that are relevant to their interests (and avoid those that aren’t). This enables you to develop more successful campaigns.

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