5 Influencer Marketing Tools to Find Influencers

If you choose not to use a platform or an agency to manage your influencer marketing, you will be responsible for cultivating relationships with influencers. To begin, you must identify the influencers who dominate your niche. If you are a frequent online participant in your niche, you may already have a good idea of who the most influential people are. In other instances, you will need to conduct extensive research first. Fortunately, there are a variety of influencer marketing tools available to assist you in your endeavor.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 free or low-cost influencer marketing tools. These tools are those that require payment to access the majority of their features. However, they also provide limited functionality for free.

You’ll need to consider the location of your desired influencers. Many operate on social media, and as a result, some of these tools are geared toward locating influential people on social media channels. You should begin by determining how your target audience spends their time. If you’re targeting older adults, for example, you’ll frequently look for influencers in Facebook groups discussing your niche. If your target audience is teenagers, you may want to concentrate your efforts on Snapchat, YouTube, or Instagram.

Numerous influencers have risen to prominence as a result of the blogs they write. We’ve included a few tools below to assist you in locating influential bloggers in your niche. Additionally, you’ll find influential individuals in certain niches who rose to prominence as a result of podcasting. As a result, we’ve included a tool to assist you in locating the most popular podcasters.

Here are 21 Free Influencer Marketing Tools to Find Influencers:

1. Upfluence

Upfluence is a full-featured influencer platform. However, a critical component of influence is its influencer search and discovery engine.

It boasts a sizable database of more than 3 million influencer profiles. Upfluence’s artificial intelligence (AI) indexes and updates these profiles in real time. The algorithm determines the reach and engagement of each piece of content.

Clients can conduct keyword searches on Upfluence to identify influencers. By focusing on specific keywords, you can begin to narrow the pool somewhat. Each keyword can be assigned a relative weight, making some more important than others. Additionally, you can refine your search on Instagram by using criteria such as location, social platform, or follower count.

The statistics that result are displayed in near-real-time. The left side of the screen is used to enter search terms, while the right side displays the number of results returned by your search—along with their categorization by follower size.

Additionally, Upfluence offers a Chrome plugin. It is a do-it-yourself influencer marketing tool. It allows you to analyze an influencer’s profile directly from your browser and works with profiles on all major social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and blogs. The plugin provides real-time, cutting-edge analytics on any influencer’s social media accounts.

2. AspireIQ

AspireIQ describes itself as an advocacy-focused community intelligence marketing platform. It considers your community to be the most powerful influencers of all. It defines your community as like-minded customers, creatives, professionals, experts, employees, and brand representatives who share values and a passion for your brand that extend beyond the product or service you sell.

AspireIQ enables you to maximize the value of every connection.

AspireIQ has compiled a database of over six million content creators to assist you in locating the ideal collaborators. And AspireIQ evolves alongside you. You can automate every step of your campaign with their automated step-by-step workflow, from initial connection and product fulfillment to content approval and tracking. This means that you have the option of expanding your reach to hundreds of influencers.

To be clear, AspireIQ is not a free influencer marketing tool. You’ll need to purchase a plan to access all of the site’s features, but creators can join for free. It does not charge for relationships with creators. It only charges for the software that enables you to scale your community and influencer marketing programs.

3. HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor can help you determine the top Instagram influencers based on their number of quality and engaged followers.

HypeAuditor’s AI performs in-depth analysis and ranks bloggers based on the quality of their followers and authentic engagement. They collect raw data from a variety of sources, anonymize it, and cluster it. They consider only their genuine followers and likes. The algorithm then ranks influencers and creates daily updated lists of the world’s top influencers.

You can either choose a list of the top 1000 influencers that spans all niches or break the list down into one of 14 categories. Alternatively, you can select influencer lists that include influencers from all countries or a list that only includes influencers from one of 17 pre-selected countries.

4. Dovetale

While any brand can use Dovetale, the company’s primary focus is on eCommerce stores. Dovetale emphasizes their integration with Shopify, emphasizing how they assist Shopify merchants in recruiting, managing, and growing sales with customers who adore their products. As a result, it is particularly well-suited to small businesses. This is not to say, however, that they are unsuitable for larger businesses. Additionally, they offer enterprise-level tools to assist teams in managing influencer marketing campaigns. Dovetale, on the other hand, is more suited to small businesses than many of the other platforms mentioned here.

Perhaps this is best exemplified by Dovetale’s offering of a fully functional free plan, rather than merely a free trial. To get started, simply connect your Shopify store. Up to three users can manage five community members (influencers) using this free plan, which includes a custom community sign-in page, a custom sign-up widget for your Shopify website, unlimited gifting and affiliate orders, and affiliate sale tracking. As your requirement for influencers grows, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

Dovetale comes equipped with all of the necessary tools for campaign management, reporting, and analytics, all of which assist you in determining the success of your campaigns.

5. Influence.co

Influence.co takes a very different approach to influencer marketing than the majority of other platforms. While Influence.co provides all of the standard influencer marketplace services, it also functions as a social media platform. This enables brands to maintain the type of authentic and long-term relationships that influencer marketing requires. Indeed, Influence.co now has over 250,000 members, including 150,000 influencers, 70,000 businesses, and 30,000 other individuals.

Influence.co’s social component does not replace discovery and activation; it complements them. It does, however, succeed in elevating the platform to a new level. Brands are more than likely to form the strongest relationships with influencers whose posts appear in their feed.

Influence.co offers two subscription plans, one of which is free and the other of which is paid. With the free basic account, you can create your own profile and interact with other members of the platform’s community. You can conduct basic searches with up to 50 results and organize them into up to three lists. Each month, you can create and publish campaigns and communicate with up to 12 influencers.

Naturally, the Business Pro paid plan includes much more. It includes multiple profiles, advanced searches, an unlimited number of results, an unlimited number of lists, advanced search, an unlimited number of campaigns, campaign management, campaign reports, team members, and lead sourcing.

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