9 Creative List Building Techniques

1. Create unique email content

Want to keep your current subscribers and enlist their assistance in growing your list? Create email content that is unique. If your emails are entertaining, informative, and valuable, recipients will look forward to them and are more likely to forward them to their networks. This assists you in increasing your exposure and acquiring additional subscribers.

2. Encourage subscribers to share and forward your emails

On your marketing emails, include social sharing buttons and a “Email to a Friend” button. This way, you can expand your contact list by gaining access to recipients’ friends, colleagues, and networks. Include a “Subscribe” CTA as a simple text-based link at the bottom of your emails so that recipients of forwarded emails can easily opt-in as well.

3. Segment your email lists by buyer persona

Because email recipients are more likely to click on emails that are tailored to their specific interests, it’s worth considering using a variety of different types of email subscriptions to send targeted content to different segments of your audience.

By establishing multiple targeted subscriber types, you increase the likelihood that visitors will sign up for one of them. Indeed, marketers who used segmented campaigns reported an increase in revenue of up to 760 percent.

4. Reinvigorate a stale email list with an opt-in campaign

Do you have an older list that you believe is largely defunct? Create an engaging opt-in message and send it to your old list, encouraging contacts to opt back in if they wish, but also promising to delete all contacts who do not respond.

While it may seem counterintuitive to remove people from your email list in order to grow it, emailing contacts who are actively engaged can improve deliverability and increase the likelihood that your email will be shared with those outside your current database.

5. Add an opt-in link to your employees’ signatures

Email signatures that contain hyperlinks can direct recipients to a landing page where they can subscribe to your mailing list. Additionally, if you’re already conversing with them via email, subscribing to additional emails may be a natural next step.

6. Create a new lead-generation offer

Create a new gated lead generation offer, such as a free ebook, and host it on a landing page that requires visitors to enter their email address in order to download it.

7. Create a free online tool or resource that requires sign-up

Free online tools simplify your users’ lives, even more so when they require only an email address to register. For instance, we’ve developed a number of free tools for collecting email addresses, such as Website Grader.

8. Create additional bonus content

Not all content that is password-protected is worthwhile for a website visitor. Occasionally, you’ll need to first pique their interest by providing them with free content. You can begin with a blog post that provides beginner advice on a subject, and then offer additional bonus content with more advanced tips that visitors can access by submitting their email address via a landing page.

9. Promote an online contest

Utilize your social media profiles to host a free giveaway that requires participants to provide contact information. You can direct your followers to your website and encourage them to sign up with their email addresses.

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