The Tangible marketing is Important

The Tangible marketing is Important

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A tangible product is simply a physical object that can be easily perceived by touch such as a building, the vehicle, or the gadget. Most of the goods are tangible products. An intangible product are products that can not be seen and or touched (physical contact) but can only be perceived indirectly such as an insurance policy.


Purpose of Tangible Marketing

The Tangible marketing gives your customers a very concrete object to hold in their hands. This helps in engaging the senses and makes your brand more memorable, something that can be especially very difficult in the service-based industries and those whose product is not a box on a shelf. In addition, the tangible marketing products help to build customer loyalty because it allows your clients to know you have their needs on your mind and also appreciate their business. Of course, the tangible marketing has a more subtle purpose as well. By placing a branded item in your customer’s hands, you are putting your company on their minds, and they will have all your contact information easily accessible — which is much more interesting and meaningful than just simply exchanging business cards.

A print ad, for example, is usually considered to be more credible than an online article. Whether that is true or it is not true, there is a perception that more of the stringent fact-checking etc. is required before something is been printed. There is also a larger financial investment in a print ad, so people immediately will view you as a more successful business.


Engagement is a buzzword that is mostly associated with digital marketing. The level of engagement that you get on your posts is so very important and you will see a much better return on your investment when the people are commenting and are sharing your posts.

However, engagement is somehow tricky online because there is so much that is going on. The amount of people that will read just half an article or the post before moving on is really staggering. But we are far less likely to do that when we are engaging with the tangible marketing.

If you are reading an article that is in a magazine, you do not have a constant stream of sidebar content or any other posts that will be a distraction to you, so the levels of engagement are higher. This makes the tangible marketing especially very good for businesses that are trying to deliver the detailed informational content.

Tangible marketing is an important concept that many of the businesses have overlooked. Although there are still many benefits to the digital marketing, the tangible marketing materials are just as effective as ever.

In many ways, the general cultural trends towards the nostalgia mean that people actually are preferring to engage with the tangible items over the digital information. So, in order to create a well-rounded marketing campaign, it is really important that you try to incorporate the tangible marketing.

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