4 Tips to Boost the Success of Your Real Estate Email Marketing Campaigns

4 Tips to Boost the Success of Your Real Estate Email Marketing Campaigns

Maintaining and growing your client base is critical to being a successful real estate professional. You know you need to grow your brand whether you’re at an open house, a meeting, or even a dinner party.

However, how are you to cultivate relationships with everyone you encounter along the way?

The answer is email marketing

According to a study conducted by the National Association of REALTORS®, 92 percent of REALTORS® prefer to communicate with their clients via email, with 93 percent using it daily. Indeed, 63% of email marketing campaigns generates a positive response.

These are statistics that we cannot ignore! Amarki will discuss various email marketing strategies that can be used to convert leads, nurture prospects, and earn repeat business from existing clients.

1. Send a welcome email that is actionable

Probably the most critical email is your welcome email. Your welcome email educates prospects about your services and about you. Your leads could have come from an open house, your website, or, even better, a referral.

Regardless of how you made contact, Amarki suggests sending a welcome email following your initial contact.

Your welcome email puts you one step ahead of the competition. And, with nearly two million active real estate agents in the United States, there is no time to waste in building a successful brand.

2. Take care of your customers

It’s critical to keep potential buyers informed of new listings in their desired neighborhoods via email blasts.

Although they may have subscribed to email alerts, you should personally follow-up to see if anything has piqued their interest.

As you are probably aware, purchasing a home is a significant decision that frequently requires nurturing for quite some time before a buyer is ready to take the next step in their purchasing journey.

3. Emails can be used to entice interested sellers

While buyers are one aspect of real estate, we cannot overlook the sellers. According to Amarki, 70% of home sellers interview only one agent prior to signing a contract. This requires you to present your best self and demonstrate your knowledge and expertise.

Sellers want to know the value of their home and whether you are the best person to sell it. It is critical that you are able to address both concerns in order to motivate them to act.

By providing a comparative market analysis of the seller’s home and neighborhood, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and establish a meaningful relationship with the seller.

4. Take care of your previous clients

Referrals are another critical source of new business. Clients, colleagues, friends, family, and suppliers can all provide referrals.

When marketing to previous clients, exercise caution. Rather than sending market updates, Amarki suggests including newsletters about do-it-yourself projects, local events, and home and landscaping trends. Sending personalized emails on holidays or the anniversary of their move demonstrates your appreciation for their relationship beyond the close.

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