Determining How You are Going to Craft Your Content


When you already have your email types selected, and your goals are complete, now you will need to write the email copy that encourages your reader to take action. The following categories will be of help to ensure that your copywriters create content that will make your next email stand out.

What Writing Style Does Your Team Use
The Emails can be written in all sorts of formats and all sorts of styles. Depending on what type of email you are creating, you could have the larger blocks of text, or a list of links email readers can click on.

Take the CoSchedule, for example. They approach the email copy by writing single-sentence paragraphs:

Example of how the CoSchedule formats blog posts to be easily readable for their audience. This format makes skimming plain-text email pretty easy.

Optimizing For Mobile Readers
Another essential part of you crafting your email content is for you to make sure that it is optimized for viewing across multiple devices.

The fact is that, about 55% of emails are read on mobile devices, which means that your copy should transfer easily.

According to the CopyBlogger, there are ten ways for you to ensure that your emails are mobile friendly.

1. Create short subject lines

2. Use a single column template

3. Keep your email under 600px wide

4. Use a large font size — between 13 to 14 pixels is recommended

5. Display small images

6. Provide a distinct call to action

7. Don’t make your CTA an image. If you are making use of an image, add ALT text that tells a person what the image is if it doesn’t load.

8. Avoid menu bars

9. Don’t stack links

10. Test on multiple devices


Personalizing Your Email Content

Another way for you to create a killer email copy is by finding the ways to personalize your emails to your subscribers. We are not just talking about you inserting their names at the beginning of the copy only.

According to the Campaign Monitor, emails with the personalized subject lines receive about 26% more opens than those that do not.

Not to mention, according to the DMA, segmented and the targeted emails generate about 58% of revenue.

What can you do to personalize your emails?

1. Include their name in your subject line.

2. Address them directly in your email.

3. Add in previous purchase information or the items they may have recently looked at.

4. Writing A Better Subject Line

5. Speaking of personalizing your subject lines, did you know that there is a surefire way for you to write better subject lines?

The CoSchedule’s Email Subject Line Tester is very easy to use. First, you’ll need to enter your subject line and then click Score My Subject Line:

First try the Email Subject Line Tester, after that, the tool will score your subject line on a variety of different factors and then it will offer suggestions for improvement.

You can keep trying different combinations until you can find the perfect subject line for your next email.

Action Items:

You can determine what writing style or what format you want your copywriters to use. Include examples.

1. Create mobile optimization guides.

2. Identify the way you are going to personalize your emails.


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