Free Email marketing Booster(Bitrix24)

The History

The Bitrix, Inc. was founded in the year 1998 by Sergey Rizhikov, The CEO Dmitry Valyanov, The President; Alexey Sidorenko, The VP; Vadim Dumbravanu, The VP of Technology; and Yury Tushinsky, CTO. Their first commercial product made was a CMS of still the same name (Bitrix) and it was released in 2003, and by the year 2007 the company had already established a network of over 1,000 partners.

As the industry started to shift from the old school proprietary to the cloud-based SaaS, the company then developed a new product that was called Bitrix24 – it is an online collaboration platform with the CRM. The product that was published had attracted over 5,000 users in its public beta stage and it was officially launched in the month of April 2012.

The Bitrix24 is one of the very few CRM systems that is offering the email marketing software free of charge. There are other several things that make the Bitrix24 quite different from other of the free email marketing services. First, it is the customer relationship management software, and this will enable you to create any number of static or any number of dynamic segments and craft a unique email campaign for each of your customers or prospects group. And if you are still thinking about the trigger-based emails and the email marketing automation, yep, the Bitrix24 has that as well.

The wiki format for storing of information has more than once proved itself in the single most-used repository of the human knowledge that’s ever created. In business, the wikis function in just two main ways: the first is as a knowledge base and the second as a collaboration area. Although the wikis are no longer at the cutting edge of the office software, they are still a very useful tool, as they are bringing high-level functionality without any technical knowledge that is needed.

In Bitrix24, each of the workgroup has got a wiki. Thus, for you to create a knowledge base that is accessible to everyone, you should use the wiki in a public group. You can make use of the roles in the groups if for any reason you want to provide the only read access rights to some certain users.

The second important advantage of the Bitrix24 is that the email marketing lists can be also used to target your audience on Facebook, on Instagram or on the Google. This way you will be able to reach people who do not open the emails that you have sent. Or you can still take advantage of the fact that the Bitrix24 is a multichannel CRM and then send instant messages via the FB Messenger, the Viber, the Telegram and others. Also the SMS and telemarketing are available as well.

The Bitrix24 comes with some free email marketing templates, a landing page and also a capture form builder, all available at no cost at all. It is very easy to start designing offers and track statistics inside the Bitrix24 CRM marketing module. You can go and register now or check out some videos and Bitrix24 manual for a quick start.

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