GIFs in Emails: How and When to Use Them

GIFs in Emails: How and When to Use Them

Are you considering including animated GIFs in your email marketing campaigns? Perhaps you want to give it a try but are afraid it will appear unprofessional.

Did you know that over half of internet marketers use animated GIFs in their emails?

GIFs are an excellent way to differentiate your message, capture the viewer’s attention, inject some humor, and demonstrate concepts. However, you must exercise caution in how and when you use them.

Once you’ve mastered this component, you’ll be able to leverage the power of GIFs to increase the engagement of your email marketing campaign. In marketing, increased engagement equates to increased clickthrough rates, which equates to increased conversions.

Therefore, do not depart because we are about to demonstrate how to accomplish this through the proper use of GIFs in your email campaigns.

To Inject Humour

One of the most frequently used reasons for marketers to include GIFs in emails is to inject some humour.

According to research, humor is a highly effective element of advertising. It commands attention and maintains interest in targets.

However, humor should be used with care and discretion. When it comes to GIFs, it’s critical to keep your target audience in mind.

Additionally, you must ensure that any humorous, humourous GIFs are consistent with your brand.

For instance, if you’re a straightforward financial brand aimed at young millennials or a quirky app company, the right type of humorous GIF may fit your brand image perfectly.

On the other hand, if your business specializes in funeral catering, an irreverent or humorous GIF is unlikely to strike the right chord.

To Catch Readers’ Attention

To generate leads, you must stand out. Attention is the new currency, and what better way to capture it than through movement in an email?

Emails are by definition static. Utilizing a strategically placed GIF can be a creative marketing technique for maintaining the viewer’s interest in your email. Rather than clicking away, the additional stimulation may be the incentive they require to remain on your email and become absorbed in its content.

To Demonstrate a Product or Offering

When we hear the term “GIF,” we immediately think of something amusing or cute.

GIFs, on the other hand, can be informative. As an example, suppose you’re launching a new app. A customized GIF of the application and its menus may be the ideal vehicle for demonstrating how the app works and what it can be used for to readers.

It can be challenging and time-consuming to explain something like this in email campaigns. By contrast, GIFs can provide an instantaneous, stimulating visual that readers can absorb.

To Provide Illustrations for a Concept

Do you have a strong concept that is more effective in a visual format than in words? Custom GIFs can assist you in conveying your message.

For instance, suppose you own a clothing brand that promotes a dress that can be worn five different ways, such as Sambag’s Allison Dress. You can use a custom GIF to demonstrate the dress’s various styles in one eye-catching swoop.

Animated visuals demonstrating how your service works or how your brand’s vision benefits people are also effective ways to illustrate a concept.

To Establish Your Personal Brand

Custom GIFs, when used in conjunction with your brand, can also be a creative marketing technique for developing your brand’s personality.

If your brand has a fun, lighthearted personality, GIFs are a natural fit. Simultaneously, even more serious brand personas can be enriched through the use of GIFs.

Brands that are uncomplicated, direct, informative, educational, or energetic can all benefit from the use of GIFs.

The key here is to customize the GIFs you use so that they perfectly reflect your brand personality. For instance, if your brand is calm and minimal, avoid using bright, jumpy GIFs. Rather than that, opt for more subdued options that will still draw the eye.

On the other hand, if your brand personality is vibrant and vivacious, opt for bolder GIFs that incorporate your brand colors.

GIFs can infuse emails with personality, so use them to reinforce your company’s unique branding.

In Place of Video

Because embedding video into emails is notoriously difficult, a large percentage of email marketing campaigns does not include video.

As it happens, GIFs can be an ideal solution to this problem. Due to their format, GIFs display correctly in the majority of email clients.

There is no real time limit on GIFs, except for the size of the file. While many online GIF creators impose a length restriction on your GIF, you can create a custom GIF of any length by simply uploading the video of your choice to a video-to-GIF converter.

Once this is completed, include them in your email marketing campaign and they will appear to the viewer as a video, but without the pause/play function.

What to Consider When Including GIFs in Emails

As you can see, GIFs can be an effective tool for conveying concepts, adding humour, retaining viewers’ attention, and growing your brand. They can even be used as a workaround for issues with email video embedding.

However, before you begin incorporating GIFs into all of your email campaigns, a few words of caution.

To begin, remember to maintain brand consistency. Additionally, keep in mind that some people find GIFs irritating, so avoid hyperactive-looking or distracting GIFs.

Also, people with epilepsy or vision problems should be aware that fast-moving GIFs can be harmful. Consider this when creating your GIF and, if possible, use gentler colours and smaller, slower movements.

Finally, while the majority of people enjoy a good GIF, they can become tedious if overused.

If every email you send contains GIFs, this will almost certainly desensitize and bore your subscribers. Rather than that, save GIFs for important messages that require maximum impact, such as a product launch.

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