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What is Word Counter?

The Word Counter Tool is a web application software that offers automatic count of words for easy and accurate measurement. Word counting is usually needed when articles or sentence is needed to stay within certain numbers of words. This might particularly be the case in academia, journalism, legal proceedings, writing and advertising. Word count is usually used by translators and writers to find out the number of certain writeups.

The word count is the number of words that are in a document or passage of text. Word counting is usually needed when a text is needed to stay within certain numbers of words in the file. This might particularly be the case in academia, journalism, legal proceedings, and advertising. Word count is usually used by translators to find out the price of a translation job.

Counting of words might also be used to calculate the measures of readability in a text and to measure typing and reading speeds (usually counting in words per minute). When converting the character counts to words, a measure of 5 or 6 characters to a word is generally used for English.

Differences in the operational definitions of how to count the words that can occur (usually referred to as, what "counts as" a word, and which words "do not count" toward the total). However, most especially, since the start of the widespread word processing software, there is a wide consensus on these operational definitions (and therefore, the bottom-line integer result).

The consensus is to accept the text segmentation rules completely which is found in most word processing software (which includes how the word boundaries are usually determined, which also depends on how the word dividers are described and defined). The first characteristic of that definition is that space (any of various whitespace characters, such as a "regular" word space, an em space, or a tab character) is a word divider.

Usually, a hyphen or a slash is, too. Different word counting programs may give results that are different, and they depend on the text segmentation rule details, and on whether the words are outside the main text (such as the footnotes, endnotes, or hidden text) are counted. But the behavior of most major word processing applications is usually the same, or similar.

Modern web browsers have support for word counting through extensions, through a JavaScript bookmarklet, or a script that is hosted on a website. Most word processors can also count words that are in them.

What are the Types of Word Counter?

There are different types of word counters available on the internet, but they are all grouped into three types which are:

1. Browser Addon:
The browser addon is usually the easiest and most used one because it is as simple as going to the store on your browser and clicking on the install button, for example, while writing this article, I am using the Grammarly firefox extension, which helps me to count the words in the article editor.

2. Website:
Another widely used approach is by using a website that has counting features such as smallseotools.com. websites like that offer accurate count of words that are pasted into their input box.

3. Software:
Another type of word counter is the ones that are in-built into word counter tools such as Microsoft Word in windows or Libre office in Linux systems.

What is the Best Online Word Counter?

Starting from web browser extensions to websites where you can enter in your data, using a free word counting program is easy and convenient. Web browser extensions give you the word count by simply highlighting the text in the browser.
Or you can copy and paste the text into a website word count tool and get the deets there. There are many word counters that are available on the internet, so the list here is not a list of the best, instead, it is a list of the "best" based on reviews and personal experiences.
Below is the List of Online Word Counter

1. EasyWordCount.com
This is a word and character counter plus tool it provides additional information based on the value of the word counters for bloggers and content writers.

2. CountOfWords.com
This is a great website word counter that goes beyond just counting words in a text to include difficult words, average sentence length, count of unique words in the sentence, syllables, and more.

3. WordCounter.net
Wordcounter.Net is an online word counting program that comes with an online editor that helps to improve the choice of words in a sentence, find grammatical errors and top keywords to include in your blogs.

4. WordCountTools.com
Wordcounttools is the free web version of the popular Google Chrome word count extension.

5. SmallSEOTools Word Counter
This SmallSEOTools word counter is really very easy to use. You would simply have to upload your document to this word counter and take advantage of the other relevant tools which include plagiarism checker and grammar checker.

6. Word Count Tool (FireFox Addon)
Mozilla Firefox browser users and fans can greatly benefit from a free web word counter add-on for counting both the words and characters that are in the text.

7. Word Count Chrome Extension
This chrome extension is a free add-on character counter and word count tool to add to your Google Chrome browser. This word count chrome extension is very perfect for the writer that works primarily with Google Chrome.

8. CharacterCountOnline.com
CharacterCountOnline.com is a free character counter and online word counter application that takes into account characters, words, paragraphs, sentences, and white space that are in a text file that you either uploaded or pasted.

9. AllWorldPhone.com
This may not the prettiest word count tool online but it carries out the trick. It includes word and character counters together with it being a website graphics creation tool.

How To Use Online Word Counter

Online Word Counters vary differently but the way to use them are usually the same if it is different, the website would give an instruction on how to use them, but for the purpose of this article, we would be explaining how to use word counter.
1. First copy the text that you want to count.
2. Then, go to the word counter tool, Word Counter Tool
3. You would see a text area with the text "Enter text here for word count", in it, paste the text that you copied earlier then click on the count words button that is below.
4. The number of words and characters would be displayed on the screen.
5. In case you see a ReCaptcha screen, just fill it to see the results.

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