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What is HTML Editor or Code Editor?

An HTML editor is a computer program that is used for editing HTML codes, which is the markup of a web page. Although the HTML markup found in a web page can be controlled with any other text editor, specific or specialized HTML editors can offer ease, convenience, and added functionalities. For example, many HTML editors work with not only HTML but also with like technologies such as XML, CSS, and JavaScript or ECMAScript.

In foresight, an HTML editor is used to develop(write) the foundation of a website. And while any text editor can be used to do the job, it does not mean that you have to do it without any help at all. Added functionality, together with error checking, and all-around a more intuitive editor is something that can make your life significantly easier. The very fundamentals of HTML editors are the same; they help you write code by highlighting the language syntaxes, insert commonly used HTML elements and structures as well as providing auto-completion features.

Text that is using an HTML editor can also be translated to other languages such as XML, CSS, or JavaScript. But as we know, not all things are created equal. Some editors might be easier to use while some offer more functionality than others.

In some cases, they also manage communication with remote web servers through FTP and WebDAV, and version control systems such as Git or Subversion. Many word processing tools, graphic design tools, and page layout software that are not dedicated to web design, such as Microsoft Word or Quark XPress, also have the ability to be used as HTML editors.

Text editors that are developed solely for use with HTML usually offer at least syntax highlighting. Some editors additionally has templates, toolbars, and keyboard shortcuts to quickly enter in common HTML elements and structures. Wizards, tooltip prompts and autocompletion might aid help with common tasks.

What are the Types of HTML Editor

There are two types of editors that are available, they are WYSIWYG and the textual HTML editors. Let�s start by talking about them.

WYSIWYG is the acronym for What You See Is What You Get.
These editors offer an editing interface that lets you see how the code would look on a working web page. Using WYSIWYG editors does not need you to have any HTML knowledge; so, it is way much easier to get started for an inexperienced user who has no prior coding experience whatsoever.

2. Textual HTML Editor:
As the name implies, textual HTML editors are text-based.
To use these types of editors, you should have HTML knowledge. Features in the editors include opening files either a single file, a whole project, or as multiple projects that are generally available for all editors. When using a textual based editor, you cannot see a live preview of the site. This type of editor might offer more freedom and personalized options. By using a textual editor, you may better optimize web your pages for search engines. For example, it is possible to create a web page that follows the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), so that people who have disabilities can still view your web page.

What is The Best Free HTML Editors

We all have different tastes, and when it comes to choosing a platform that works best for our use case, and where we will spend a lot of time on, it is very important to select one that best works for us. Each HTML editor has the same basic features. However, some have more visual representation than some others, such as more additional packages to install, and so on.
Below is the list of the best HTML editors, based on popularity, features, and design:

1. Atom
Atom is an HMTL editor that came out in 2014
and has gained tremendous momentum since. Atom is a free, and open-source code editor, and it was developed by the GitHub team. Atom makes use of a free software license for its package and it is managed by the GitHub community. It is aimed at offering a premium look and feel to the editor while keeping it totally free. Together with Atom users having the flexibility to customize the software itself.

2. Notepad ++
Notepad++ is a free HTML editor that was released for Windows-based computers.
Linux users can also use it through Wine. Notepad++ is distributed as free software and its code repository is also made available on GitHub. Like other community projects, third-party plugins are fully supported.

3. Sublime Text
Sublime is another awesome and free HTML editor.
Developed by a Sydney-based company, this computer program falls under the category of freemium software. Freemium means that you can make use of Sublime for free, but you can also buy a license to enjoy the full features.

4. Adobe Dreamweaver CC
Developed and managed by the tech giant Adobe Inc, Adobe Dreamweaver CC
is a very powerful, premium, and versatile tool. It works well for both the front-end and back-end development. As a closed-source software, Dreamweaver is designed to work inside the Adobe ecosystem. Adobe also has very good support, plugins, and features that are aimed at making sure that you will always code seamlessly.

5. Visual Studio Code
This multi-code free HTML editing software comes ready to go
with a large range of customizable features. It prides itself on its smart autocomplete and other intelligent syntax response features. Visual Studio Code is a multi-language and multi-platform program. Its development environment works hand in hand with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, and other popular programming languages..

How To Use HTML Editor or Code Editor

1. Go to the HTML Editor Application or Code Editor Application.
2. Then, start typing in HTML Format to see the preview or results automatically 3. You can edit the code as preferred and it will automatically preview all your editing
4. You can then copy out your code and save for use.

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