Why Email Marketing Will Continue To Dominate and What You Need To Know

Why Email Marketing Will Continue To Dominate and What You Need To Know

For the following reasons, brokers in particular will find success with email marketing campaigns over other B2B and B2C strategies:

  1. Because marketing costs for commercials and media venues are so costly, email marketing is a much more cost-effective alternative.
  2. Permissioned: Allows recipients to select when they receive updates (because they can read emails anytime they like) and to opt out of receiving them altogether.
  3. Email content does not have to conform to any certain dimensions; thus designers have more freedom to experiment with layout. Companies have the freedom to try different approaches to see what works best for them.
  4. Opening rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, and the frequency of returning/new visitors are just few of the metrics that can be used to hone in on your audience with email marketing.
  5. Email marketing campaigns are easily scalable because adding more subscribers does not increase costs for reaching the same number of people.
  6. Real-time marketing: Creating appropriate follow-ups based on action-based triggers like recent activity, page views, cart abandonment, etc.
  7. Brokers can benefit from sending out well-written, personalized emails because they help to create their brand voice.

Tips for Running a Viral Email Campaign

Email marketing is one of the most reliable forms of advertising; nevertheless, it can be challenging to segment audiences, personalize messages, and send them at optimal times. Doing everything in-house, however, might tie up resources without ensuring a return on investment. In addition, as a broker, you should maintain the interest of consumers throughout the world by communicating with them in their native language and providing them with regular updates on items and offers as well as the most recent market information.

The ability to automatically produce and send emails to traders in different time zones and speaking different languages is only possible with a solid email infrastructure. A distribution schedule that takes into account the best time for each location is possible. In order to send more relevant and useful emails to specific groups of consumers, we’ve streamlined our customer categorisation.

The automation tools available today make it simple to create an effective email marketing campaign, with capabilities like drag-and-drop, pre-schedulers, automatic email generators, grammar checks, and more. Content automation can be done at a fraction of the expense of hiring in-house writers when marketing automation tools are paired with content suppliers like Autochartist.