4 Free Marketing Strategies That First-Time Entrepreneurs Overlook

4 Free Marketing Strategies That First-Time Entrepreneurs Overlook

Most of us, especially first-time business owners, fall short when it comes to being creative, flexible, and imaginative in our marketing and sales efforts. Audiences have come to expect and, so, frequently disregard these marketing approaches, which means much more capital may be necessary to reach a critical mass of prospects in order to attain an acceptable conversion rate, which ultimately leads to true profits.

However, most first-time and early-stage business owners either don’t know about or don’t bother to use the many low- or no-cost, high-impact marketing options at their disposal. Here are four┬ácost-free marketing strategies that you can use to quickly expand your company.

  • Customization
  • Tap on the connections made by your previous client
  • Make use of testimonials
  • Don’t discount the power of email marketing


When first getting started, it’s critical to focus on customer satisfaction above all else, even if that means taking risks or taking measures that won’t scale. Why? Because of the momentum you’ll gain from your first few customers, who will in turn provide testimonials, strengthened confidence, potential recommendations, and overall inertia. One of the biggest blunders that forward-thinking entrepreneurs make is prioritizing the development of a well-oiled, scalable machine over the quality of the customer experience.

If you are a first-time entrepreneur and the head of a small, developing company, customization is one of the greatest free strategies at your disposal. If you start by going above and beyond for a small number of key clients, you might reap rewards for months, years, or even decades as your firm expands and serves more customers.

Tap on the connections made by your previous client

Similar to how you can use customer testimonials as a growth, you can also use the networks of these former customers to your advantage. Serving clients who could be competitors has taught me to underestimate the importance of word-of-mouth promotion. Offering an attractive affiliate incentive program to those early customers can be a great way to passively increase sales, thanks to your motivated crew of evangelist former customers who love your product, money, and spreading the positive word about their experience with your business to their friends and family.

Make use of testimonials

In order to wisely employ non-scalable customization, you must first have strong consumer endorsements. Not having client testimonials because the never bothered to ask is one of the most frustrating examples of a missed opportunity. Hunting down customers weeks or months afterwards, let alone capturing an enthusiastic, viral good review, is ten times more difficult than doing so during a customer’s current experience with a company.

Don’t discount the power of email marketing

The most common mistake business owners make when using email marketing is thinking that they only need to send out a small sample size in order to gauge the success of a campaign. In cases when the proper subject line or message was delivered, customers who have been on my company’s email list for over two years and received over sixty emails from us have paid hundreds or thousands of dollars. To make up for the former, there are customers who make a purchase within the first few emails they get.

If you have time, are open to trial and error, and are willing to analyze the data from your email marketing campaigns, then a written content marketing approach is surely feasible. Not overnight, and money can’t buy you faster results along this path.