How to Optimize the Customer Journey Experience Using TikTok

How to Optimize the Customer Journey Experience Using TikTok

By increasing word-of-mouth, engaging more prospects, and driving more valuable engagement with customers, brands that use TikTok effectively throughout the customer journey outperform their competitors.

Leaders in digital marketing have historically prioritized brand posts, advertising, and influencer marketing on social media in an effort to raise brand awareness and consideration. However, many businesses miss out on opportunities to strengthen relationships with customers because they don’t create and fund social strategies that increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

Brands that want to successfully drive value through social media should pay attention not just to the channels their target demographic is using, but also to the bigger picture of why and how those customers are using social media.

Identify Social Opportunities Across the Entire Customer Journey

TikTok brands typically function as content creators, influencer partners, and advertisers. The best people in any of these three positions will create casual and engaging content for the platform’s AI to consume.

Ads on TikTok (including in-feed ads, the discover page, brand takeovers, and dynamic showcase ads) need to be strategically combined with the app’s other features to reach the app’s primary audience of creative, independent thinkers, and people looking to work together.

Be Adaptable and Utilize User-Generated Content (UGC) During the Buy Cycle

To broadcast only one-sided messages is to misunderstand the purpose of social media. It’s a chance to impress your patrons and inspire them to spread the word. Increasing marketing success in today’s socially interdependent world requires more than passive support.

Digital marketers can use TikTok to increase brand recognition by increasing exposure to branded content on the platform. TikTok, when used properly, can be an effective tool for increasing traffic to a brand’s website, social media pages, or the landing page of a newly launched advertising campaign. Branded videos, whether organic or sponsored, need audio, and catchy music in particular. Hashtags are another important campaign visibility KPI that can help marketers reach their target demographic.

Customer journey stages can be aligned with UGC challenges for optimal reach. Typical challenges feature catchy music and ask users to perform some sort of dance or action, or use an augmented reality filter. Initially, digital marketers can start by posting on brand accounts and using a challenge hashtag to track results. Follow up with posts on influencers’ handles and invest in paid promotion to expand your audience. After all, working with platform-native influencers, whose posts typically receive more engagement, is one of the most effective ways to boost brand awareness and sales.

Never Underestimate TikTok’s Impact

Marketers are realizing an ever-increasing value in social media for everything from building communities and fostering relationships to facilitating commerce, with TikTok’s rapid ascent as a leading social platform. Given the dramatic decline in organic reach across the board, it is currently the platform with the greatest potential organic reach when compared to others like Meta or Twitter.

While social media marketing channels have the potential to help businesses achieve their goals, digital marketing managers are under increasing pressure to maximize brand value by using the most profitable channels.