5 Email Marketing Habits To Avoid

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Email marketing is still one of the most powerful outbound marketing strategies accessible today, but it’s an art form. Most people get hundreds of emails daily. There’s a reason why many people have many email accounts – for personal, work, and “spam” like coupons and sales alerts. That means your email marketing game must be on point at all times. What to do instead if you’ve recently observed an increase in “unsubscribes”:

It’s easy to fall into terrible email marketing practices, especially if you’re short on time, but it won’t work long term. We’ve compiled a list of the five worst email marketing habits, along with some helpful advice.

  • Un-segmented
  • Not Email-Testing
  • Too many emails
  • No CTAs
  • Excluding-Unsubscribe Button


If you send the identical email to your entire list, you’ll lose subscribers. Today’s consumers are especially sensitive to irrelevant sales pitches, which is why segmenting your list by wants, requirements, and demographics is critical.

For example, a homebuilder who works with real estate company to market developed homes. If you send an email to your whole list about a newly remodeled property, only one third will respond. Your email is irrelevant to the other two-thirds of your list, homeowners looking to build new homes and brokers looking to sell new homes. Nobody cares about renovations, so delete your email.

Worse, people may begin to believe “this builder doesn’t care about what I’m searching for, thus I’m not interested in this mailing.” This is where email marketing segmentation helps. You can send that wonderful home remodeling to your renovating subscribers and information to your full-build subscribers. Everyone wins. Sure, you sent out an extra email, but targeted emails generate better responses than generic ones.

No Email-Testing

People are meticulous. Your readers will notice if your emails aren’t working properly, if you frequently misspell terms, or omit links. It’s critical to test every email before sending it.

If your link doesn’t work, you’ve lost a potential customer in a flash. A quick test before sending emails to your segmented audiences might save you time and money. Remember this crucial phase in your email marketing approach. Even if you’re short on time and just want to hit submit, give it one last test before sending it. A well-crafted email can help many customers convert to leads.

Too many emails

Spam annoys almost everyone. Nobody likes to browse through their spam folder every day. Unless you’re an e-commerce site with daily sales, you should only send one email every week. If you work in a long-term business-like manufacturing or construction, you should limit your emails to a few each month.

Consumers favor quality over quantity when it comes to inbound marketing. Reduce the quantity of emails you send, and make sure the ones you do send contain useful, high-quality information. The better your content, the more likely people will read it and visit your site.


Without CTAs in your emails, you’re missing out. Email marketing is meant to entice some of those potential customers to your website and sales funnel. Give them a method to reach your site. This is especially true if you’re putting out quality material that’s relevant to each segment of your list.

Excluding-Unsubscribe Button

It’s a must if you send emails. Not only is it against the law, but most consumers detest being locked into an email subscription they can’t cancel, and won’t sign up for it in the first place.

Also, don’t hide the unsubscribe button. Despite the temptation, the ordinary consumer will regard your organization more if you continue to give them control over your communications. And sending emails to those who don’t want them is a waste of time for everyone.

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